Some Half-Trolls, And Some Nazgul…

I’ve finally completed the two companies of Half-Trolls that I have had on the painting desk for ages. These fellas have been a challenge because across the sixteen models there are only two different castings. Good thing one of the two has separate arms so at least those could be posed with some variety. Strangely enough the finished formation looks quite varied. I put this down to the individual paint schemes and round bases allowing some pivoting in the movement tray.

I have also completed all of the stray characters for the army, inclusing Dalamyr, the dismounted version of the Dark Marshal, foot and mounted versions of Khamul, and the nazgul on fellbeast.

I have now begun work on the final infantry formation for the army, three companies of Khandish archers. After that there are only twelve companies of horse to go.

The light at the end of the tunnel is glowing ever brighter…


Morgul Knights Ride Forth

I was going to wait to post these guys once they had their standard bearer, but it seems the standard bearer is still in the post and these guys already look good enough to photograph.

So here they are in all their (dark) glory.

Riding with them is the Dark Marshal, one of Sauron’s nine ringwraiths. He’s a native in the Fallen Realms army and not an ally, which is handy. I’ll have a couple of his wraith-y brothers on the blog soon too. Scary buggers, and probably rather cheesy in the game. Despite all that they look very cool. And they are ringwraiths. What’s not to like?

(Probably everything, but heh, you know.)

Easterling Foot

I have a fair quantity of Easterling infantry already (mostly) painted by a good friend. These Easterling models will form the infantry core of my Fallen Realms army. But there are still a few unpainted models that will need painting.

So to work then! I’ve kicked off this group of models by basing up as many painted companies as I can. Now that these are done, I’m painting up the extras to finish these handweapon and archer units with command models and so forth. The goal here is to complete six companies of handweapon-armed Easterling foot and five archer companies. Once they’re done, an additional four companies will become a pike block. No, not those short “pikes” the models come with (more like some sort of spear-halberd), oh no…

Mumak Crews Completed

I have completed the remaining crew models for the three mumakil in my Fallen Realms army. These lads were the last of the Haradrim foot models that I have needed to do, and despite being crew for the mumakil, they will double nicely as infantry units when the Oliphaunts are left at camp. Hence I have added a Hasharin and banner bearer.

The last of the big grey pachyderms is, however, still shiny from the dip and in need of a matt varnish spray down. It’ll happen once the damn humidity around here drops low enough, and if the rain stops falling. Then I’ll need to rig and base it to match the others.

Now that these fellas are done, the Easterling contingent is next…

Project Fallen Realms

Here it is, my latest project. It’s been lurking about in storage for ages and is just now getting some paint on it. An army for War of the Ring, that out of print GW game set in Middle Earth, was inevitable. So here are the first finished models for The Fallen Realms (probably a better term, as I keep calling them Easterlings, a people who only make up part of the army).

So far I have two mumakil painted along with the crew. I didn’t paint these Haradrim crew, I just rebased them to match my collection – the person who I got them from hadn’t painted them either.

There is a third mumak underway, and its crew will be mostly painted by me, with only two or three of them being from the original batch of painted Haradrim that I have. That’ll be done in a few weeks, judging by my current painting pace.

My goal is to base and spruce up what is already painted, and to finish what isn’t, as quickly as possible. I’m getting quite keen to give WotR a run, I must say.

Now pics: