AFT-210 Leviathan

I’ve not been leaving my Warzone Capitol faction alone. For a bit of fun, I’ve been playing around with the AK range of weathering enamels and have gotten some decent effects from them, as I did with the Orca in an earlier post.

This time I hit the painting table with the Capitol Leviathan, something I wanted from the moment that I first saw it. It’s a strange looking tank, but it’s a decent size (read “big”) and it has enough detail (read ” lots of rivets”) to be a contender for rust and so forth.

My only gripe so far has been with the gun barrels. No matter how much they were given the heat treatment at the washing stage, they simply wouldn’t stay straight. It looks like they are doing a “mexican wave”. If I was doing this model again I’d replace the barrels with brass tubing, attaching the muzzle brakes back on afterwards.

Otherwise it was a joy to paint and put together. I finished it off with left over decals from some 1:48 and 1:72 scale WW2 and modern AFV kits.