Syracusia IV Rebels

An oldie, but a goodie. Long time followers of my Unbridled Fury rules (see the webpage for it here) will remember these lads. I’ve called them many things over the years (some not so nice – only kidding). You may remember them as the Drop Reavers, or somesuch. They’ve always been an irregular force of some sort, and in their last couple of iterations they’ve been rebels/freedom fighters resisting the worst their isolated despotic governments could foist upon them.

It’s not a big force (we always played Unbridled Fury at low points levels, like 1000 points or so in the early days) but I rarely used all of it in a single game anyway. With the bigger games that I have planned for the future, there won’t be enough Syracusia IV Rebel bodies to fill a roster I fear…

These paint jobs were done by a family member many years ago. It’s great just how much use I’ve gotten out of them!

These models are all from Alternative Armies ( except for the Psychotron – I have no idea what range it’s from. Yes, I named it after a song. 😉