More For The Marians…

The Marian Roman army for DBA (II/49) has grown a bit, gaining an element of ‘Wild Gauls’ and some much needed Psiloi.

The Gauls were both fun and painful to paint, the checks on both the shields and pants being done freehand. I feel I could probably have done better on the pants, but hey, first go…

The Psiloi elements represent Numidian javelinmen and Spanish slingers.

Next up for this army will probably be two elements of Spanish Scutarii (4Ax). Or the artillery… Or… 😉


Marian Romans II/49

I’ve begun work on a second 28mm Roman army for DBA, this time the Marians. I’ve been boosted with the acquisition of some legionaries already painted by a friend, though I have modified them a bit. As with all of my armies for DBA, my goal is to complete all options to be playable at the 12 element level. I don’t know if I’d ever be interested in 24 or 36 (BBDBA) element games. 12 seems more than enough. 😉

So far I have completed five elements of legionaries (4Bd), a Numidian elephant and some Numidian light horse. I am close to finishing the army’s two psiloi elements and the element of ‘wild Gauls’ (4Wb), all three of which have been dipped and are curing in preparation for their flat spray finish. (In reality, they are waiting for me to actually buy some flat spray, as the other can ran out when I was painting the BUA. That monster of a model took most of a can!)

Tinkering Away…

Not much going on in the finished stuff department, though I am working on some new fantasy units that I’ll be posting as soon as they’re complete. Until then, I’ve been finishing odd stuff here and there, like my newly painted friend Maximus:


I’ve decided to try and get the Farrow faction done in between other projects, and they’re a lot of fun to put together so why not? On another note, I found one of my old Hail Caesar Roman generals intact and un-rebased from some years ago. So I guess I have one Hail Caesar Roman unit done. Well, sort of.


Just a-waiting on the new bases… Gotta go, the painting desk is a-callin’…


Early Imperial Romans for DBA, list II/56. I’ve posted pictures of this army in the past on my old blog (now gone) but since they’ve been updated for some of the new options in DBA 3 I thought I’d put them up here.

There are still a couple of elements missing from this to make it “complete”. I’ll gradually get everything for it, but there’s no hurry… Though an element of Kn would be “nice”…