Napoleonic French Updated

Just for something different today: I’ve reached a point where the Napoleonic French army will be halting for a while. I have to paint more to go any further (all of my already painted Napoleonic French models are now based) so I will leave it here until my KoW armies are at a point where I am happy to play games with them.

I’ve finished basing the sixth, seventh and eighth brigades of foot:

So far I have 90 out of 200 or 300 points. Not sure which of the two to go for, I’ll probably start playing at the 200 point mark. It’s likely a 6×4′ game mat will be chock full of models at that point. 90 points for this game already half fill a shelf, as you can see in the picture below. Eight brigades of foot, and three of heavy cavalry. I’ll at least need to double this lot, or triple it if I ever want to play at 300 points.



Some More For Blucher

As of yesterday I have completed another two units for Blucher, bringing my overall total to three Heavy Cavalry, two Veteran Infantry and three Conscript Infantry brigades. I have also dipped another three infantry brigades. Once dry and dullcoted this army will already be at 108 points out of 200. I may eventually take the army to 300 points, but for now, with everything else going on, I am aiming at the easier 200 point level. I’ll add an easy 30 extra points by adding Napoleon and Ney to the list. I might paint up a few more personalities if and when I take the army to 300+. I am still considering how to allocate the brigades to Corps.

An About Face, And Inspiration (Re)Strikes

The renovation work around here is starting to wind up (at least, most of it) and I’m slowly getting back into things. I had thought (mistakenly) that I was finding  time to properly re-engage with the blog, but no. It didn’t work that way, despite my best intentions.
So if things are stuttering along here, please forgive me. I’m still hobbying, but getting computer time has been a bit dicey for some reason.
So I’m posting this from my phone. Let’s see how this turns out, shall we?

Games Room Complete
One of the renovation projects that is finished is my games room (awesome!). It also means I have a new table to play games on. The downside is that I couldn’t get the 12×6′ table that I had planned for. The room isn’t wide enough to allow the swinging doors of the cabinets under the table to be comfortably accessed. So 4′ wide it is instead, but still 12′ long. Though a 12×6′ table can fit in the space, my gamer megalomaniac goggles blinded me to  practicalities in the planning stages. Anyway, its still a rather big and useful table. I can run two 6×4′ games or even three DBA/HoTT games at the same time.

Rules Changes…
A ruleset choice change has had to occur. I was all set on the Warlord series of games, but with only 4′ of table depth I think it would be less than ideal. Without a full 6′ depth those games would feel a bit cramped. Thankfully DBA doesn’t need much room.
For Napoleonics I’ve been looking at Blucher by Sam Mustafa. It’s perfect. As each unit represents a Brigade rather than a batallion, there is only a single base per unit. This is much the same as I already do for Kings of War. I’ve settled on an 80x60mm base for foot and horse, and 80mm square for guns. Whilst I think this game looks amazing in 6mm, I already have a bucket load of French and Russian troops in 28mm. So here goes…




Each of those bases is a brigade size formation, so Corps command is normal in Blucher. I’m looking forward to it.

A (Re)Inspiration
Of course, all of this moving about of lead mountains means that many forgotten bits and bobs briefly resurface and give me ideas. I’ve been using the opportunity to base up (and rebase where necessary) many of my unused painted minis for games that I’m concentrating on. Units are appearing out of thin air, or so it seems, and it’s powering me along. If this phone posting thingamewhatzit works well, it will make posting pictures of all this stuff so much easier…