Bringing Things Together

What do I mean by this title? I have a lot of things that are finished painting but based for things I don’t or no longer play. So slowly but surely I’m working to “bring things together” as it were, into forces that make sense together and under the rules I want to use. Of course all this is getting a big push as my new games room gets under way. My project planning is changing to suit a bigger table than I’ve had in years.

Now that I’ve been thinking about my Unbridled Fury forces, my thoughts have turned to the next Company that I am wanting to develop. I’ll be starting with a couple of models that I have had finished for a while – a quartet of “powered suits” from Micropanzer Studios. These fellas will provide the armoured backbone for a combined arms Company of ‘suits, heavy armoured infantry, regular infantry, and cerebro-enhanced gibbon troops (CEGs). When I finish assembling them all I’ll post a Gallery of them all. I’m thinking that this force will be bigger than ones I have made in the past, simply so I can test some new rules ideas that I have cooking. Sorry, no spoilers… yet.

There are also a couple of other projects I have on the boil (I simply cannot do one thing at a time!). Here’s the first couple of units for Hail Caesar Fantasy, where we’ll use the historical rules as a basis for our own, bespoke, gaming world… Again, I’m simply reusing some miniatures I had that were already painted, and I’m reorganising them. I didn’t paint the artillery.

I have to say, the Mantic Dwarfs areĀ so much bigger than the old Ral Partha artillery crews here. Hmm, don’t what to do about that one. I’m thinking separate detachments, if not separate armies… The difference is just too damn huge!