Abyssal Lords, and a Mummy Troop

I have recently completed some random stuff for armies here and there. Sometimes you just have to paint up odd things for no apparent reason.

This time I’m painting a bunch of Archfiends of the Abyss, and the first is finished and ready to join his army, some of which is waiting to be rebased away from HoTT (sadly, no games of that fantastic rule set¬†have even looked like happening ūüė¶ ). So KoW here we come…

First up, here is Ygg’thruiiigh’n, Archfiend of the Abyss. Just call it¬†Bob. It¬†seems to answer to that.

He’s a Reaper Bones model, and has again surprised me with just how well these figures can paint up. They’re also just a bit heavier than plastic models of the same size, but far lighter than metal models would be.

This is a big model, that’s a 50mm square base.

Whilst we are on the topic of Abyssal nasties, here’s the Lord of Lies from my collection. No, I can’t spell its name. Don’t ask.

It’s¬†an old Citadel model from many moons ago, painted by my brother when he was into the whole miniatures hobby thing. Still a good looking sculpt.

And to finish, some progress on an existing army project. It’s an updating of my old Mummy Half-Troop from an earlier edition of Kings of War. With a recent rules update this particular unit vanished from the list of permitted Mummy configurations. I’ve known they’d need a rebase and some extra bandage-heads to be legal in the game. Now it’s done. Extra figures from the “Undead Box” and a new base and we are rockin’ the afterlife…

The left pic is the “Before” shot, the one on the right is “After”.

They’ve been nerfed a bit in the latest edition, but heh. Every undead host needs some.


The Dwarfen Host Emerges…

For twelve long years the Dwarfs rebuilt their broken army. The defeats at the hands of the Ogres of the Mountain were unforgotten and vengeance would soon be at hand with the fury of a reinforced legion of the combined Clans!

The Host assembled for a rousing speech from their High King. Many cheers and warchants were bellowed and much ale was downed. “Oh well,” said the High King, “The attack can wait until tomorrow.” So¬†he refilled his stein. It would be a long night…

The Dwarfs have been a project I had been putting off for no good reason other than the usual “shiny thing” distractions in the path. However I had recently acquired a large part-painted collection of models from a friend, and in my usual way began basing the painted stuff as quickly as possible. This has led to a rather substantial army out of what seems like nowhere. I like this sensation.

I’ll post the artillery pics later. Suffice to say, I still do not have enough painted regiments to justify all of the big shooty stuff. I’ll get there, sooner or later.


“Little Boaster”

“Little Boaster is a light gun traditionally meant¬†to closely support infantry formations on the attack. In reality, most commanders have simply added her and her crew to the rest of the army’s artillery train where she is used to bombard enemy positions before the battle proper is joined. A waste of resources, in my opinion…”

– Lord Genereux of Aschenpotz

I’ve finished a second artillery piece for my Kings of War Kingdoms of Men army. To be honest, this one was finished years ago. I’ve simply¬†rebased it onto a 50mm wide base to better fit with the new rules.

“Little Boaster” is a citadel miniature of some vintage, which¬†has a more ‘historical’ appearance than the rest of the army’s artillery¬†(I’ll be using a large number of the so-called “Great Cannon” which have muzzles the size of¬†WW2 battleship guns). I love the look of it. It is unfortunate that there are no special rules for light artillery in the army list, but hey, more cannon when I need ’em…

The Pianola Gun

Not satisfied with a normal Organ Gun, my “Volley Gun” from my Kingdoms of Men army for Kings of War was renamed early on during a particularly silly in-game conversation. So much so that the label has stuck.

With the release of Kings of War 2nd edition I’ve become (possibly a bit too) excited and have been working on unit after unit of rebasing, basing and painting to try and get the human army back on the table. Over the last year or so it has been sadly neglected – no games of KoW and much DBA has stripped some of its units leaving it at about on 750 points, and simply not big enough for the game in question.

The first step has been the artillery train, and the Pianola gun is no exception. With the new frontage requirement of 50mm per war machine, I decided to limit the bases wherever possible to 50mm width instead of painting lines to mark the frontage as suggested in the rules. So, Mr Pianola had his base edges trimmed, and the frontage brought down from 60mm. Not something I’ll do again in a hurry.

Looks OK, though.

I also added a name tag on the base edge (you can probably see it in the picture). The crew has earned the right to have that there, let me tell you!