Warzone Resurrection – First Thoughts

Here be my first thoughts about Warzone Resurrection.

To summarise: I liked it once we’d finished the full game. Admittedly I took a while to come to grips with some of the rules (I didn’t get to fully read through the rules before playing, thankfully my opponent did!). Once I got into it though, I really liked it. I did find out that other than the rather chunky ordinance mounted on the Orca, I am seriously short of weapons that destroy armoured things with a large boom. Despite that it’s kind of fun to shoot the crap out of things with four sets of quad M606s…

The game is not at all simplistic, but it is also not complicated and gives a lot of tactical options without overwhelming you as a player. The resource cards brought into play by your Warlord and squad leaders gives a straightforward limit to how many extra tricks one can pull off. This will be a very important part of the game I think. Without available cards it becomes impossible to do certain things, for example launching rifle grenades from the M50’s integral grenade launcher or taking aimed shots. We played at the basic level – it seems that the advanced level has yet more resource cards to utilise, as well as game shaking events that can be played at opportune moments. Overall, I feel this game will prove to be quite satisfying in the long run. Hopefully a decent scene develops in our FLGS.

I’ll be expanding my Capitol forces a bit more. I’ve added a squad of Heavy Infantry to the pile (couldn’t resist) and am in the process of rebasing my 1st Edition Free Marines to fit into this game, along with some characters that I can customise using Heroes of the Solar System.

Painting and basing continues…