Entering the Warzone… Again

Well, well, well. This one came out of nowhere for me. As a once-collector of Warzone Capitol and Dark Legion back in the 90s, this lot I couldn’t ignore. It’s just a shame the old Free Marines models I have are no longer the same “scale” as these new ones. I might redo them anyway, giving them a dip and rebase to match what I’ve done with these. Hell, if nothing else it’s three more squads and a couple of Lords/Warlords to add to the pile…

So far I’ve finished the Capitol models in the pics below. Of what I’ve bought of the new models, I have three squads of Light Infantry and an Orca to go. Rock and roll!

I’m playing the game for the first time on Saturday.┬áDespite my best efforts there was no way I’d have finished the army satisfactorily before the weekend. So it’ll be the first time in a very long time that I use an unfinished army away from home. Oh the shame of it! ­čśë


28mm US Marines

US Marines for Bolt Action: 28mm figures, mostly 1st Corps with a smattering of some others with 1st Corps heads for compatibility. The 1st Corps figures have slightly larger, almost comical heads when compared to other US Marine models that are currently available. I like the look though. The Sherman is a 1:48 Hobby Boss kit, and the Corsair is a 1:48 Tamiya model. The paint jobs date to before I started with an airbrush.