Napoleonic French Updated

Just for something different today: I’ve reached a point where the Napoleonic French army will be halting for a while. I have to paint more to go any further (all of my already painted Napoleonic French models are now based) so I will leave it here until my KoW armies are at a point where I am happy to play games with them.

I’ve finished basing the sixth, seventh and eighth brigades of foot:

So far I have 90 out of 200 or 300 points. Not sure which of the two to go for, I’ll probably start playing at the 200 point mark. It’s likely a 6×4′ game mat will be chock full of models at that point. 90 points for this game already half fill a shelf, as you can see in the picture below. Eight brigades of foot, and three of heavy cavalry. I’ll at least need to double this lot, or triple it if I ever want to play at 300 points.