Mumak Crews Completed

I have completed the remaining crew models for the three mumakil in my Fallen Realms army. These lads were the last of the Haradrim foot models that I have needed to do, and despite being crew for the mumakil, they will double nicely as infantry units when the Oliphaunts are left at camp. Hence I have added a Hasharin and banner bearer.

The last of the big grey pachyderms is, however, still shiny from the dip and in need of a matt varnish spray down. It’ll happen once the damn humidity around here drops low enough, and if the rain stops falling. Then I’ll need to rig and base it to match the others.

Now that these fellas are done, the Easterling contingent is next…


Project Fallen Realms

Here it is, my latest project. It’s been lurking about in storage for ages and is just now getting some paint on it. An army for War of the Ring, that out of print GW game set in Middle Earth, was inevitable. So here are the first finished models for The Fallen Realms (probably a better term, as I keep calling them Easterlings, a people who only make up part of the army).

So far I have two mumakil painted along with the crew. I didn’t paint these Haradrim crew, I just rebased them to match my collection – the person who I got them from hadn’t painted them either.

There is a third mumak underway, and its crew will be mostly painted by me, with only two or three of them being from the original batch of painted Haradrim that I have. That’ll be done in a few weeks, judging by my current painting pace.

My goal is to base and spruce up what is already painted, and to finish what isn’t, as quickly as possible. I’m getting quite keen to give WotR a run, I must say.

Now pics: