Kings of the Rings, and Things…

Big battle fantasy has always been an interest of mine. Not big battle in the fluff of a game, but free-wheeling fantasy as I see it. I like to use fantasy as an outlet for creativity rather than a recreation of someone else’s fixed universe.

In other words, I like to paint up whatever fantasy models I like, how I like.

To scratch this particular itch in the past I’ve indulged in various game systems, most recently Kings of War. I had decided to drop Kings of War and move on to using Hail Caesar (or Hail Sauron, if you swing that way), but I feel that asĀ Hail Caesar (along with its brothers Pike and Shotte and Black Powder) have already taken over my historical gaming, sticking with a purely fantasy oriented rulesetĀ like Kings of War would be more sensible. Besides, that would mean less rebasing.

Nobody likes rebasing, right?

So… I’ve had a new army standard bearer for my Kingdoms of Men army ready for ages, but he’s been sitting on the shelf waiting for a rules decision. Now that I’ve made it, here he is:

This model is from Gamezone Miniatures, and I like it a lot. Beats the foot ASB I was using – his metal banner kept dragging him over onto his face during games…

Next up I’ve finished basing and ‘flagging’ a regiment of Easterlings. These are GW models from the Lord of the Rings range. Who knows, I might yet break with tradition and build some armies for their setting (I have enough models). If I need extra reinforcements for my generic armies they can do double duty… These were painted by Nuemonic.

I was tempted to give them generic ‘evil’ flags and not worry about their LoTR background story, instead of the ‘proper’ Easterling ones that I ended up using. I may still take that route later on with later units, but I haven’t had a chance to think about that much. I do prefer my fantasy settings to be generic… And non-restrictive…