The Pianola Gun

Not satisfied with a normal Organ Gun, my “Volley Gun” from my Kingdoms of Men army for Kings of War was renamed early on during a particularly silly in-game conversation. So much so that the label has stuck.

With the release of Kings of War 2nd edition I’ve become (possibly a bit too) excited and have been working on unit after unit of rebasing, basing and painting to try and get the human army back on the table. Over the last year or so it has been sadly neglected – no games of KoW and much DBA has stripped some of its units leaving it at about on 750 points, and simply not big enough for the game in question.

The first step has been the artillery train, and the Pianola gun is no exception. With the new frontage requirement of 50mm per war machine, I decided to limit the bases wherever possible to 50mm width instead of painting lines to mark the frontage as suggested in the rules. So, Mr Pianola had his base edges trimmed, and the frontage brought down from 60mm. Not something I’ll do again in a hurry.

Looks OK, though.

I also added a name tag on the base edge (you can probably see it in the picture). The crew has earned the right to have that there, let me tell you!