The Horseman

I very much enjoyed painting this one up. So many versions of his story…

He’ll make an interesting character in an undead army. 


Abyssal Lords, and a Mummy Troop

I have recently completed some random stuff for armies here and there. Sometimes you just have to paint up odd things for no apparent reason.

This time I’m painting a bunch of Archfiends of the Abyss, and the first is finished and ready to join his army, some of which is waiting to be rebased away from HoTT (sadly, no games of that fantastic rule set¬†have even looked like happening ūüė¶ ). So KoW here we come…

First up, here is Ygg’thruiiigh’n, Archfiend of the Abyss. Just call it¬†Bob. It¬†seems to answer to that.

He’s a Reaper Bones model, and has again surprised me with just how well these figures can paint up. They’re also just a bit heavier than plastic models of the same size, but far lighter than metal models would be.

This is a big model, that’s a 50mm square base.

Whilst we are on the topic of Abyssal nasties, here’s the Lord of Lies from my collection. No, I can’t spell its name. Don’t ask.

It’s¬†an old Citadel model from many moons ago, painted by my brother when he was into the whole miniatures hobby thing. Still a good looking sculpt.

And to finish, some progress on an existing army project. It’s an updating of my old Mummy Half-Troop from an earlier edition of Kings of War. With a recent rules update this particular unit vanished from the list of permitted Mummy configurations. I’ve known they’d need a rebase and some extra bandage-heads to be legal in the game. Now it’s done. Extra figures from the “Undead Box” and a new base and we are rockin’ the afterlife…

The left pic is the “Before” shot, the one on the right is “After”.

They’ve been nerfed a bit in the latest edition, but heh. Every undead host needs some.

The Dwarfen Artillery Train

The train is well and truly on the rails. In fact, this artillery train has quickly outgrown the ability of the army itself to support it with Regiments. So this lot can’t all be fielded at once. At least, not yet…

To the guns!

The Dwarfen Host Emerges…

For twelve long years the Dwarfs rebuilt their broken army. The defeats at the hands of the Ogres of the Mountain were unforgotten and vengeance would soon be at hand with the fury of a reinforced legion of the combined Clans!

The Host assembled for a rousing speech from their High King. Many cheers and warchants were bellowed and much ale was downed. “Oh well,” said the High King, “The attack can wait until tomorrow.” So¬†he refilled his stein. It would be a long night…

The Dwarfs have been a project I had been putting off for no good reason other than the usual “shiny thing” distractions in the path. However I had recently acquired a large part-painted collection of models from a friend, and in my usual way began basing the painted stuff as quickly as possible. This has led to a rather substantial army out of what seems like nowhere. I like this sensation.

I’ll post the artillery pics later. Suffice to say, I still do not have enough painted regiments to justify all of the big shooty stuff. I’ll get there, sooner or later.


The Elven Phalanx Marches Forth

Unlike the¬†Elves I’ve posted before, these are from my own collection and are starting to grow to useful proportions as an army. Again, I’ve been basing up everything that I can find that’ll fit. The fact that it was once an army bought in the past for a certain once-popular fantasy mass-battle game means there are a lot of models already painted¬†out of the gate.

They’ve already taken the field alongside my¬†Dwarfs (I’ll post pics of the stunty ones soon). Only their shared Good alignment kept them from beating on each other – something about trees and ale barrels, who knows… Oh, and the combined Abyssal/Undead host that faced them. They did lose. A bit. But we shan’t talk about that whilst such proud ancient peoples are in earshot, oh no…


The Hochfahrt City Militia

I’ve been away from this place for (quite) a while, lots going on, nothing to see here, move along…

Righto. Kicking off again I present the Hochfahrt City Militia. One of my first “divisions” of KoM troops, most of this group of units dates back to when I first started playing the game in its earliest 12 page long edition. So there are no new models in this post.¬†However I thought it good to show what I’m doing as far as army building is concerned in KoW – building divisions rather than just units. With the plan to eventually play at 10,000 points and beyond, I wanted more character to the armies than simply “5 regiments of shieldwall infantry, check, two troops of…”. How dull that would be!


Hochfahrt lies on the main road between the Royal Capital and the Duchy of Bl√§ther to the West. It’s an important rest stop and trading post for traffic along the mountain road and is well known for its somewhat dubious¬†night life…

Captain Hans Gretel has served in his King’s army since the tender age of 14, when he was a mere drummer in his father’s infantry regiment. He now leads two regiments of his own, as well as some irregular soldiery from the sometimes strangely populated¬† country villages found near Hochfahrt itself.

Despite his humble origins, he has risen through the ranks and is a decorated war hero of the city. He feels he is lucky because he’s not dead yet. Honestly, have these city burghers seen what has to be fought¬†out there? Probably not...

A New Warmachine & Hordes Board

Nothing special in a basic Warmachine/Hordes board like this (a standard 4×4′ for those not familiar with the game). Though this one is special for me because it is made from the offcuts of the games table itself.

The boards that make up the tabletop were supplied as 2400mm (almost 8ft) sheets. They had to be cut to fit the 1800mm width that I wanted and therefore¬†had offcuts very close to 2×4′ in size.

All I had to do was glue some texture down and paint them. To keep the theme overall I painted-to-match two old hills that I had lying around. I’d like to add an Iron Kingdoms style building or two at some point but they’ll have to wait.