I generally post pictures related to miniature wargaming. If you don’t know what this is, it’s where you spend many long hours building and painting models so you can line them up on a table full of model terrain and then remove them again when the dice tell you to. More seriously, look here if you need further explanation of this exquisite form of madness.

My posting can be erratic at times. There will be times I post every day for a while, and others where I might not post in months. This is normal, please don’t hit me. I said don’t! Put that down!

Anyway, I mostly game in 28mm scale, and have an interest in, well, most games that involve miniatures and dice. I tend to favour Fantasy (using Mantic’s Kings of War) and Historicals (using Warlord Games’ series of black bound rulesets, Bolt Action, Black Powder, Pike and Shotte and Hail Caesar, though I’ve been everywhere man). Other stuff will creep in, it’s inevitable.

I may even post battle reports occasionally. Though I’ll have to get past my dislike of posting pictures of unfinished models! For this reason I also don’t post WIP images. Hence my erratic posting schedule. I might change my stance on this at some point. If that happens, I’ll suddenly post far more regularly and you’ll see half finished stuff on the blog.

Now all that’s out of the way, to the games table! And maybe a cup of tea…


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