Fallen Realms Status Report

It has been nearly a month since my last post and things have been progressing nicely on the Fallen Realms project.

First of all the third member of the massive mumakil herd is now finished (phew!). These giant pachyderms are a major effort by all accounts. To say it takes a week to just paint one of these is not an understatement! But all is done now and the three of them do look awesome together.

All of the Easterling foot is now complete (with super-swanky long pikes for sticking it to those annoying Rohirrim… not entirely canon – but they’re in the manual!). I’m now finishing off a regiment of Morghul Knights (I’ll show them next time).


So to complete this latest escapade I will need to paint up some 24 horse (mostly Easterling Kataphracts), 16 Half Trolls, 24 Khandish Mercenaries and a few extra characters. The light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to be visible.

This means planning for the next project has begun in earnest. The next one will be a return to Classical Ancients, something I’ve been eager to get back into.