A Rethink, A New Year, and New Goals

After a crazy 2016, with many directions and projects to keep me busy, I’ve decided to simplify a bit. Whilst it’s nice to base models specifically to the requirements of particular rule sets I’ve had enough mucking about. From now on I’m keeping it simple and basing my stuff in a way that┬ácovers a lot(!) of different games.

I made this decision late last year (since my last post in September). Since then I’ve redone my fantasy Ogres as a Warhammer style army, and they’re still useable for games such as Kings of War, Dragon Rampant and Ninth Age if need be. Currently aiming to play Warhammer 6th Edition of all things. Yes, it’s a bit Oldhammer. And yes, I do own a copy of Third Ed as well. (Not going there just yet.) Dragon Rampant is quite intriguing me. I have been looking at Lion Rampant (its mediaeval cousin) and I’m liking what I’m reading. But I digress…

I have also redone my Roman army to a Warhammer style basing system, but I won’t post pics as I’ve posted them enough times over the years. It’s the same army. Hopefully I can get a battle report done with them one day. That said, if I paint new stuff for the army I’ll post as usual.

The plan is to base everything fantasy and pre 20th Century historical to a Warhammer style basing scheme. Perhaps less diorama-ish than my old Kings of War multibases, but the flexibility is worth it I think. Well, everything except for my current project, which I’ll post soon. Another blast from the past.

Now, Ogres. Of these I’ve not painted all of them myself. Many were eBay reinforcements that I’ve ‘improved’, a couple of others were quite well done so I kept them as they were. I did paint the Butcher, the Boss and the Rhinox riders and a couple of others from scratch. I did all of the flags. There are a lot more where these came from, all currently unpainted. Many ogres in my future.

(Apparently this is also my 50th post. Wheee!)