A New Warmachine & Hordes Board

Nothing special in a basic Warmachine/Hordes board like this (a standard 4×4′ for those not familiar with the game). Though this one is special for me because it is made from the offcuts of the games table itself.

The boards that make up the tabletop were supplied as 2400mm (almost 8ft) sheets. They had to be cut to fit the 1800mm width that I wanted and therefore had offcuts very close to 2×4′ in size.

All I had to do was glue some texture down and paint them. To keep the theme overall I painted-to-match two old hills that I had lying around. I’d like to add an Iron Kingdoms style building or two at some point but they’ll have to wait.


Sarmatian Cavalry, Part II

The last time I posted pics of these (last year some time) they were, I admit, based differently. (I have a bit of a reputation for this, though I am getting better.)

Of course they have to become based for Hail Caesar, of course!

They’ll form part of the cavalry division of my Dacian army. This is the first of two units of the heavier Sarmatian horse. I’ll also have some Sarmatian horse archers at some point, as well as a unit of Dacian light horse.


Brave Sir Robin?

Well, that *could* be the Vicious Chicken of Bristol…

I couldn’t resist when at the toy shop with the boys I spied this chook amongst the toy animals. I looked at it closely and thought… “Nahhh.” Of course I bought it and managed to fit a GW Empire Knight on its back.

There was much hobby related enjoyment with a liberal helping of green stuff to form the saddle cloth, reins and belly strap.

Here it is: Brrrrraaaaaaaaaark!

Warzone – Capitol in Action vs Mishima

These photos hark back to October 30 last year, when I took my Capitol lads out to the LGS, only to crash against a Mishiman enemy who was to give them a rather hard time. At least they looked good copping hell.

Some of you may recognise this terrain – it’s technically WW2 terrain but the Warzone stuff looked so good in it I had to take photos. I had forgotten about these photos but I will share them now.

Unfortunately a detailed battle report is out of the question. It was too long ago…


Romans Again!

Now they’re done. The entire army has been rebased to Hail Caesar and is around 300 points worth (but who’s counting?).

I’ll be expanding this army but until then they’re done. This will be the last time these guys get rehashed in a blog post and I’m looking forward to painting some snazzy new units from new (to me) manufacturers to add in future.




The Table Changes, And Everything Changes

Since my last post (in October last year) a great deal has changed. Sorry about the gap, nothing to see here, move along…

First and most importantly the gaming table has grown in size from 12×4′ to 12×6′. Not a big change, you might think at first, but that extra 2′ of depth changes everything.

I can now consider Hail Caesar, Black Powder and Pike and Shotte (henceforth Hail Blackshotte) to be the primary rule sets for my hobby time. I dabbled in this before but the 4′ depth just didn’t seem to cut it, so I stuffed about with a lot of different historical games that would fit neatly and play well on 4′ of table depth in 28mm. Such creatures, it seems, are not satisfactorily found outside of fantasy and sci-fi gaming.

Historical games (rightly) treat 28mm as a big-table miniatures scale and the epic potential of 28mm has to be properly realised. I couldn’t see an alternative. So, with the help of a friend the table metamorphosed into a bigger, badder beast.

big ass table

The black boards once ran lengthwise. We turned them sideways and added another one in the middle. Yes it all still needs painting. I also need more terrain boards and terrain pieces to cover it all. We’ll be playing in open ground for a while. 😉

The smaller games in my rules pantheon (DBA, HoTT, X-Wing and Warmahordes) will continue as they’re still comfortable to play on this table.

The funny part is when you put a single 6×4′ games mat on the thing the mat looks too small. I was using that as the standard games size for everything up until now. No, really. That just felt strange. Guess I’ve acclimatised already…