Sarmatian Cavalry, Part I

Some time ago, I had obtained a Dacian army from a friend. This army was only part painted and not quite finished so I’ve chosen to work on them as the next project after the EIR.

First cab off the rank is the Sarmatian heavy cavalry. These fellas represent only half of the models that I have of this type – hence “Part I”. All models in the photos below are from Warlord Games. Paintwork is mostly by Ben Hetherington, with only minor touch ups and a new kontos on each rider by me.

Since I have four units of Sarmatians, my thoughts are that one day the collection may also form part of a full Sarmatian army. A nice thought too, especially since one of my regular opponents will be shortly wielding a Parthian host… Lots of ponies to deal with…


The Early Imperial Romans Are Finally Finished!

It’s been a long haul for my Early Imperial Romans. The poor beggars have been based and rebased for so very many games over the past few years. The rebasing experience was just too traumatic…

So this is what I’ve been up to for the most part whilst not posting on my blog! I’m of the opinion that I can leave these lads as they are for a while and concentrate on other things. That said, I do think they could do with some more auxiliary light infantry and cavalry. But those can wait.

The “baggage” is my scratch-built rendition of an Early Imperial Roman limes fort gatehouse. Based on reconstructions such as Saalburg in Germany and Arbeia in South Shields, Tyne & Wear, England. Well, at least on images I’ve wrangled from books and off the web… It’s not going to win any modelling prizes, but it will do the job for a while, whether or not I ever decide to replace it.

The vast majority of the models in this army are from Warlord Games, with a few Numidian models from Crusader Miniatures and Wargames Factory (plastic conversions, thanks to Dennis for those!).

Next step is to complete a Dacian army to wrestle the Romans with. Units for that are already coming off the production line… Stay tuned. 😉