“Little Boaster”

“Little Boaster is a light gun traditionally meant to closely support infantry formations on the attack. In reality, most commanders have simply added her and her crew to the rest of the army’s artillery train where she is used to bombard enemy positions before the battle proper is joined. A waste of resources, in my opinion…”

– Lord Genereux of Aschenpotz

I’ve finished a second artillery piece for my Kings of War Kingdoms of Men army. To be honest, this one was finished years ago. I’ve simply rebased it onto a 50mm wide base to better fit with the new rules.

“Little Boaster” is a citadel miniature of some vintage, which has a more ‘historical’ appearance than the rest of the army’s artillery (I’ll be using a large number of the so-called “Great Cannon” which have muzzles the size of WW2 battleship guns). I love the look of it. It is unfortunate that there are no special rules for light artillery in the army list, but hey, more cannon when I need ’em…


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