“Little Boaster”

“Little Boaster is a light gun traditionally meant to closely support infantry formations on the attack. In reality, most commanders have simply added her and her crew to the rest of the army’s artillery train where she is used to bombard enemy positions before the battle proper is joined. A waste of resources, in my opinion…”

– Lord Genereux of Aschenpotz

I’ve finished a second artillery piece for my Kings of War Kingdoms of Men army. To be honest, this one was finished years ago. I’ve simply rebased it onto a 50mm wide base to better fit with the new rules.

“Little Boaster” is a citadel miniature of some vintage, which has a more ‘historical’ appearance than the rest of the army’s artillery (I’ll be using a large number of the so-called “Great Cannon” which have muzzles the size of WW2 battleship guns). I love the look of it. It is unfortunate that there are no special rules for light artillery in the army list, but hey, more cannon when I need ’em…


Elves For Kings of War

These models are not mine, they belong to and were painted by my ten year old son. Well he’s ten now, he painted these a couple of years ago. By the time he leaves school he’ll have more painted than I do. 😉

I’ve been finding as many Elves as I can to suit the smaller proportions of the Mantic Elves. It is Mantic Elves that make up the majority of his collection so far, so bigger models from other manufacturers look strange amongst them. To date I have only found that GW Lord of the Rings Elves and a lone vintage Tom Meier Elf cavalry model (King Gol-Garath I believe he is called) fit with this scale. The latter is being used as an Elf Prince in his army, and the others as extra infantry units.

So far, the multibasing has begun (more on them later). For now, a couple of characters:

Oh noes!

After a bit of reading I have discovered that there are no longer any Organ Guns in the Kingdoms of Men list for Kings of War. This means the Pianola Gun is no longer part of that army!
My options are to either rebase it and give it a Dwarf crew, or be rid of it entirely. I don’t want a useless memoir on the shelf. Argh, and I had just finished fixing its base up for KoW 2E.
Back in the queue with ye, Pianola my darling. We have to operate!
Note to self: KoW lists change. I should have learnt that last time, when the Artillery Master I bought and painted just before the first hardcover came out vanished from the list. History repeats.
Righto, back to the painting desk…

Undead Archers

Presenting the next unit in my Kings of War rebase and update project – a troop of skeletal archers! The figures are a combination of RAFM and Reaper Miniatures.

I’ve decided to forgo any other fantasy miniatures game (other than maybe Warmachine/Hordes) and focus all of my available fantasy miniatures into Kings of War. That’s a lot of minis, for those who know me.

These guys were formed into a small skirmish unit based on round bases for whatever skirmish game I felt like playing. Not much of that was happening, so I’ve turned them into a troop of archers who might even prove their worth on the KoW battlefield one day…

…and here they are…

The Pianola Gun

Not satisfied with a normal Organ Gun, my “Volley Gun” from my Kingdoms of Men army for Kings of War was renamed early on during a particularly silly in-game conversation. So much so that the label has stuck.

With the release of Kings of War 2nd edition I’ve become (possibly a bit too) excited and have been working on unit after unit of rebasing, basing and painting to try and get the human army back on the table. Over the last year or so it has been sadly neglected – no games of KoW and much DBA has stripped some of its units leaving it at about on 750 points, and simply not big enough for the game in question.

The first step has been the artillery train, and the Pianola gun is no exception. With the new frontage requirement of 50mm per war machine, I decided to limit the bases wherever possible to 50mm width instead of painting lines to mark the frontage as suggested in the rules. So, Mr Pianola had his base edges trimmed, and the frontage brought down from 60mm. Not something I’ll do again in a hurry.

Looks OK, though.

I also added a name tag on the base edge (you can probably see it in the picture). The crew has earned the right to have that there, let me tell you!

Capitol Heavy Infantry

My next batch of stuff is starting to reach completion, and therefore the blog. 😉

First up is the Heavy Infantry for Capitol. I’ve had these guys prepped for a while now – they’ve been sitting on the bench waiting for some paint. Now that they’re done the only models left for the Capitol project are a unit of Free Marines that are already built and primed.

I decided to go with an airbrushed camouflage scheme. I like the soft-edged look of sprayed camo, and since these guys are in heavy “hardsuits” such camouflage would be appropriate. I picked a few Model Air colours at random from the shelf… Strangely enough (without knowing it) I had created a camouflage scheme that fits my gaming mats almost perfectly.

Well there you go.

The bad news is today (whilst painting a completely different unit altogether) it seems that my airbrush compressor has self-terminated. This is not good. Of course these things only happen once you begin to rely on said toy. Now I am needing a new one. Boo… I needed to distract myself and keep my productivity up.

So soon after this unfortunate loss, in a sullen mood, I went to prime an undead giant with a spray primer can (my only remaining spray option). Lo and behold! The top button thingy popped out of the can and paint began to spurt everywhere like a severed blood vessel! It in all honesty looked like a cheesy horror flick where they got the colour of the blood horribly wrong (a tan/bone colour). It also speckled my boots. The wife said it was a sign to stop painting today. So I worked on some bases instead… 😉

More For The Marians…

The Marian Roman army for DBA (II/49) has grown a bit, gaining an element of ‘Wild Gauls’ and some much needed Psiloi.

The Gauls were both fun and painful to paint, the checks on both the shields and pants being done freehand. I feel I could probably have done better on the pants, but hey, first go…

The Psiloi elements represent Numidian javelinmen and Spanish slingers.

Next up for this army will probably be two elements of Spanish Scutarii (4Ax). Or the artillery… Or… 😉