Some More For Blucher

As of yesterday I have completed another two units for Blucher, bringing my overall total to three Heavy Cavalry, two Veteran Infantry and three Conscript Infantry brigades. I have also dipped another three infantry brigades. Once dry and dullcoted this army will already be at 108 points out of 200. I may eventually take the army to 300 points, but for now, with everything else going on, I am aiming at the easier 200 point level. I’ll add an easy 30 extra points by adding Napoleon and Ney to the list. I might paint up a few more personalities if and when I take the army to 300+. I am still considering how to allocate the brigades to Corps.


Marian Romans II/49

I’ve begun work on a second 28mm Roman army for DBA, this time the Marians. I’ve been boosted with the acquisition of some legionaries already painted by a friend, though I have modified them a bit. As with all of my armies for DBA, my goal is to complete all options to be playable at the 12 element level. I don’t know if I’d ever be interested in 24 or 36 (BBDBA) element games. 12 seems more than enough. 😉

So far I have completed five elements of legionaries (4Bd), a Numidian elephant and some Numidian light horse. I am close to finishing the army’s two psiloi elements and the element of ‘wild Gauls’ (4Wb), all three of which have been dipped and are curing in preparation for their flat spray finish. (In reality, they are waiting for me to actually buy some flat spray, as the other can ran out when I was painting the BUA. That monster of a model took most of a can!)

New Terrain Bits

The first batch of the new resin roads, that were supplied by a good friend, have been completed. And a good match they are for the game mats too!

They are apparently old Forge World items. Sadly I see nothing of this sort on their site any longer. Dang.

The roads!

These roads will be usable for most of the games we play. There are some exceptions…

I’ve also finished a BUA for Classical period DBA. This thing is a BEAST. It weighs several metric tonnes (not literally, ed.) and seems to be made of the same material that garden gnomes are cast out of. Let’s just say there was no way that I was going to trim any of the flash off of this! I’m not sure of the manufacturer (I though it was from JR Miniatures, but I cannot find it on their website… perhaps obsolete?). Anyway, it’s big enough to fit a single element of just about anything inside as a garrison. Only now, as I type this, I realise that I could have added a photo with an element inside it for scale. Maybe in another post.