Kings of the Rings, and Things…

Big battle fantasy has always been an interest of mine. Not big battle in the fluff of a game, but free-wheeling fantasy as I see it. I like to use fantasy as an outlet for creativity rather than a recreation of someone else’s fixed universe.

In other words, I like to paint up whatever fantasy models I like, how I like.

To scratch this particular itch in the past I’ve indulged in various game systems, most recently Kings of War. I had decided to drop Kings of War and move on to using Hail Caesar (or Hail Sauron, if you swing that way), but I feel that as Hail Caesar (along with its brothers Pike and Shotte and Black Powder) have already taken over my historical gaming, sticking with a purely fantasy oriented ruleset like Kings of War would be more sensible. Besides, that would mean less rebasing.

Nobody likes rebasing, right?

So… I’ve had a new army standard bearer for my Kingdoms of Men army ready for ages, but he’s been sitting on the shelf waiting for a rules decision. Now that I’ve made it, here he is:

This model is from Gamezone Miniatures, and I like it a lot. Beats the foot ASB I was using – his metal banner kept dragging him over onto his face during games…

Next up I’ve finished basing and ‘flagging’ a regiment of Easterlings. These are GW models from the Lord of the Rings range. Who knows, I might yet break with tradition and build some armies for their setting (I have enough models). If I need extra reinforcements for my generic armies they can do double duty… These were painted by Nuemonic.

I was tempted to give them generic ‘evil’ flags and not worry about their LoTR background story, instead of the ‘proper’ Easterling ones that I ended up using. I may still take that route later on with later units, but I haven’t had a chance to think about that much. I do prefer my fantasy settings to be generic… And non-restrictive…


Stomp Of The Orca

At last, I’m hobbying again! There are some things that just shouldn’t be avoided…

My first completed model after the break is my Capitol Orca for Warzone Resurrection. What a model this is! It’s quite large (those are 28mm crew models) and detailed. I love it even more now that I’ve finished it.

For this model I thought I’d crack open some of my shiny new bottles of AK Interactive’s weathering enamels. I tried applying them after I had finished the dipping and flat varnishing that I always do with the Army Painter Quickshade (Dark in this case). I found that the enamels went on very well. I used Light Rust (for general armour panels and metal parts) and Streaking Grime (on places like the engine block, which would be better oiled and serviced). The rust in particular flowed very well and dried into convincing rusty spots. It’s definitely not the last time I’ll be using these absolutely brilliant enamels!

I’m sure that I’ll improve my technique on future models. I think I’ll be hard pressed to convince myself that any vehicle I build from now on should be left un-weathered… 😉

Down Time…

I’ve not been posting recently, and yes, I am still alive. Just not hobbying much at the moment.

“What?”, you say, “Heresy!”

Heresy it is, but not by choice. You see, we have renovations going on, and my games room is moving from a small spare bedroom (in which I share space with the computer and so on) to a new, shiny structure made out of an old garage.

Nice upgrade, methinks. Bigger table and, wait for it, room for everything. (I know, hey?)

So whilst all of this mucking about is underway, I apologise for my tardiness in posting nice, juicy photos of models that I’m working on. It all has to wait a bit.

Hopefully I’ll be up and running again shortly… Could be a week or two.