A Chaos Army for HotT

I’ve built this army out of a large pile of already painted random Chaos and Chaos-able models lying upon and within the lead mountain. I also thought it was a good excuse to build a horde-heavy army for Hordes of the Things, and in the process soak up all of those miscellaneous little critters that were lurking about with no clear project to go to.

Some of the figures had been based for HotT a few years ago, before I had discovered the joys of laser-cut bases. The rest have been based recently. For the record, I can’t tell you what manufacturer supplied most of these bits and bobs. Some are easily recognisable (particularly the old Citadel sculpts here and there) but in general the collection you see here is as various as the creatures themselves…

Unleash the tidal wave of ever changing chaos…


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