Old Marines Made Anew

I was thinking that since I had involved myself significantly in Warzone Resurrection, I might just have to re-recruit my old Free Marines. Whether or not they actually get to see battle alongside my new resin troops is irrelevant; they deserve a “place in the case”. So today I finished them off with a coat of mattcote, fire arc markings and some basing tufts. (I had dipped them two days ago so that they’d be compatible with my current painting style.) I also added the tufts to the other models that I had finished this week. It all looks a bit more lively now.

To honour the fact that I’ve had these painted for nearly 20 years (I had painted them back in 1997 or thereabouts) I’ve assigned them the first three squad numbers (1, 2 and 3) of my Free Marines. I have bought a current edition pack of them as well (the beginnings of 4th Squad) which will probably get the lions share of the action with their rocket launcher…

Of what I already have, there’s the Orca, fifteen light infantry, five heavy infantry and five free marines to go before I’m finished. Looking good so far, and it is most interesting to compare my paint jobs from 20 odd years ago to now. I definitely used a richer skin tone in those days, but I didn’t dip my models back then. 😉

The regular Free Marine infantry here will fit into the list as is; the characters will need statting up using the Heroes of the Solar System rules.


Warzone Resurrection – First Thoughts

Here be my first thoughts about Warzone Resurrection.

To summarise: I liked it once we’d finished the full game. Admittedly I took a while to come to grips with some of the rules (I didn’t get to fully read through the rules before playing, thankfully my opponent did!). Once I got into it though, I really liked it. I did find out that other than the rather chunky ordinance mounted on the Orca, I am seriously short of weapons that destroy armoured things with a large boom. Despite that it’s kind of fun to shoot the crap out of things with four sets of quad M606s…

The game is not at all simplistic, but it is also not complicated and gives a lot of tactical options without overwhelming you as a player. The resource cards brought into play by your Warlord and squad leaders gives a straightforward limit to how many extra tricks one can pull off. This will be a very important part of the game I think. Without available cards it becomes impossible to do certain things, for example launching rifle grenades from the M50’s integral grenade launcher or taking aimed shots. We played at the basic level – it seems that the advanced level has yet more resource cards to utilise, as well as game shaking events that can be played at opportune moments. Overall, I feel this game will prove to be quite satisfying in the long run. Hopefully a decent scene develops in our FLGS.

I’ll be expanding my Capitol forces a bit more. I’ve added a squad of Heavy Infantry to the pile (couldn’t resist) and am in the process of rebasing my 1st Edition Free Marines to fit into this game, along with some characters that I can customise using Heroes of the Solar System.

Painting and basing continues…

Entering the Warzone… Again

Well, well, well. This one came out of nowhere for me. As a once-collector of Warzone Capitol and Dark Legion back in the 90s, this lot I couldn’t ignore. It’s just a shame the old Free Marines models I have are no longer the same “scale” as these new ones. I might redo them anyway, giving them a dip and rebase to match what I’ve done with these. Hell, if nothing else it’s three more squads and a couple of Lords/Warlords to add to the pile…

So far I’ve finished the Capitol models in the pics below. Of what I’ve bought of the new models, I have three squads of Light Infantry and an Orca to go. Rock and roll!

I’m playing the game for the first time on Saturday. Despite my best efforts there was no way I’d have finished the army satisfactorily before the weekend. So it’ll be the first time in a very long time that I use an unfinished army away from home. Oh the shame of it! 😉

Greeks, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and DBA, Oh My!

It’s been a busy little gap since my last post. I would have been posting more regularly but things have not been conducive to blog posting. Oh well. Catch up mode activated.

I’ve been tinkering away with the Hail Caesar and Hail Caesar Fantasy projects since last post, and it’s all looking very good. I don’t have any fantasy stuff to show you yet (still have bases to do) but I have finished a unit of Spartans to show off. These were painted by Nuemonic and were (as he would agree) fairly quickly done, but I think with a bit of touching up here and there and a rebase to our 36-figure standard unit size they’ve come up very well indeed! There are going to be some gigantonormous armies ahead.

I’ve also had a chance to make my Holy Roman Empire army (IV/13c) for DBA playable and it saw its first action on Saturday. Two victories in one day, though mostly due to things coming down to the wire and a favourable die roll in both cases. A good start to a new army. I’ll post a gallery of this army as soon as I get the wagons done, something I think will complete the collection. It’s a big army with big units and the wagons simply must get done! 😉

And yes, it does contain those knights from the main blog header image(!) In that photo they were based for Warhammer Ancients, a very long time ago – the photo was always one of my favourites. I’ve since painted a few more to get the numbers needed for DBA, and rebased where necessary. Very happy with the result!

My experience with this army so far: about as different to the EIR as one could get. Being a shooty army (the list I used contained four crossbow and a cannon) the army tended to break up into little firebases all over the place rather than staying cohesive, with PIPs being allocated out of preference to the melee units. I still don’t have a good feel for the army yet; that’ll come in time.

And I’ve suddenly had a craziness for the game Warzone Resurrection, by Prodos Games. It appeared in our FLGS on Saturday (well, that’s when I saw it) and I am now painting a 1000 point force all at once, and I’m planning on it being ready by next weekend. Hold onto your hats! More soon.

Bringing Things Together

What do I mean by this title? I have a lot of things that are finished painting but based for things I don’t or no longer play. So slowly but surely I’m working to “bring things together” as it were, into forces that make sense together and under the rules I want to use. Of course all this is getting a big push as my new games room gets under way. My project planning is changing to suit a bigger table than I’ve had in years.

Now that I’ve been thinking about my Unbridled Fury forces, my thoughts have turned to the next Company that I am wanting to develop. I’ll be starting with a couple of models that I have had finished for a while – a quartet of “powered suits” from Micropanzer Studios. These fellas will provide the armoured backbone for a combined arms Company of ‘suits, heavy armoured infantry, regular infantry, and cerebro-enhanced gibbon troops (CEGs). When I finish assembling them all I’ll post a Gallery of them all. I’m thinking that this force will be bigger than ones I have made in the past, simply so I can test some new rules ideas that I have cooking. Sorry, no spoilers… yet.

There are also a couple of other projects I have on the boil (I simply cannot do one thing at a time!). Here’s the first couple of units for Hail Caesar Fantasy, where we’ll use the historical rules as a basis for our own, bespoke, gaming world… Again, I’m simply reusing some miniatures I had that were already painted, and I’m reorganising them. I didn’t paint the artillery.

I have to say, the Mantic Dwarfs are so much bigger than the old Ral Partha artillery crews here. Hmm, don’t what to do about that one. I’m thinking separate detachments, if not separate armies… The difference is just too damn huge!

Syracusia IV Rebels

An oldie, but a goodie. Long time followers of my Unbridled Fury rules (see the webpage for it here) will remember these lads. I’ve called them many things over the years (some not so nice – only kidding). You may remember them as the Drop Reavers, or somesuch. They’ve always been an irregular force of some sort, and in their last couple of iterations they’ve been rebels/freedom fighters resisting the worst their isolated despotic governments could foist upon them.

It’s not a big force (we always played Unbridled Fury at low points levels, like 1000 points or so in the early days) but I rarely used all of it in a single game anyway. With the bigger games that I have planned for the future, there won’t be enough Syracusia IV Rebel bodies to fill a roster I fear…

These paint jobs were done by a family member many years ago. It’s great just how much use I’ve gotten out of them!

These models are all from Alternative Armies (http://www.alternative-armies.com/) except for the Psychotron – I have no idea what range it’s from. Yes, I named it after a song. 😉

A Chaos Army for HotT

I’ve built this army out of a large pile of already painted random Chaos and Chaos-able models lying upon and within the lead mountain. I also thought it was a good excuse to build a horde-heavy army for Hordes of the Things, and in the process soak up all of those miscellaneous little critters that were lurking about with no clear project to go to.

Some of the figures had been based for HotT a few years ago, before I had discovered the joys of laser-cut bases. The rest have been based recently. For the record, I can’t tell you what manufacturer supplied most of these bits and bobs. Some are easily recognisable (particularly the old Citadel sculpts here and there) but in general the collection you see here is as various as the creatures themselves…

Unleash the tidal wave of ever changing chaos…