What Does 2015 Bring?

Since I last posted (a while ago it seems!) a lot has happened. I’ll soon have access to my own big gaming table so my thinking is changing to go with it. No longer will everything need to be portable as it once did – and I’m looking at a new project to suit. An ambitious year ahead! Read on…


Our local DBA group has grown a bit, despite there being fewer games due to individual availabilities. New players are now joining us. This of course just means more excuses to finish more of my 28mm DBA armies. DBA armies aren’t big, so why not? I’ve got enough of those in the lead mountain to keep me going all year(!).

The next two on the almost finished list are II/5i (Other Hoplite Armies in Greece 448-225 BC) and IV/13c (Mediaeval German Army 1440-1493 AD). I’ll post some pics of these when they’re finished. In both cases, there are only a couple of elements to go. The Greeks need a camp as well.

After that I might start new armies, I might not, depends on how the rest is going.

Kings of War

I’ve always liked Kings of War but recently I gave it up for various reasons (that I won’t go into here). In the last couple of months I’ve been convinced to go back by those I played against in the past. For the better I say! The coming of the new table in the next couple of months has inspired some big ideas for my Kings of War armies. Expect some piccies of these to appear around the blog.

Other Sci-Fi and Fantasy

I’ve decided to round off the Warmachine/Hordes and Warhammer 40,000 collections this year. The Khorne Dogs (Traitor Guard… erm… Astra Militarum Traitoris perhaps… ) will be the first to update for Warhammer 40,000 and the Farrow for Warmachine/Hordes. After that, see how we go. The rest are like stretch goals… maybe, if we get there.

The Big Project

This is where things get interesting for me. My new main historical interest has become the Thirty Years War (1618 – 1648) in Europe. To turn this historical interest into gaming potential, I’ve had to choose a set of rules. I’ve settled mostly on Warlord’s Pike & Shotte, though I’m keeping my options open for now, in case a better set comes along. I’ve also considered Renaissance Principles of War, DBR and Field of Glory – Renaissance. And I’m still weighing them all up. Pike & Shotte still holds the lead…

This project is a no rush thing, so it’ll probably start slow and grow similarly. I’m also tempted to use the huge numbers of extra Romans, Greeks and other ancients I have but don’t need for an equivalent Ancients set, more than likely Hail Caesar. Again, no rush with this, I just want to enjoy unfolding the collection over time and watch it grow.

So a big year ahead, can I achieve much of this? Let’s see how I go…