Dystopian Prussia

Dystopian Wars is yet another project I’ve had going for a long time. I’ve attempted to update them with some of the newer ships in the range (The Prussian Empire Naval Battle Group box for a start) but haven’t had the impetus to push on with them yet. They’re all there, ready to go. It’s just a matter of time and inspiration.

For completeness here’s a bunch of photos of the original fleet in all of its glory. Well, most of it.


28mm US Marines

US Marines for Bolt Action: 28mm figures, mostly 1st Corps with a smattering of some others with 1st Corps heads for compatibility. The 1st Corps figures have slightly larger, almost comical heads when compared to other US Marine models that are currently available. I like the look though. The Sherman is a 1:48 Hobby Boss kit, and the Corsair is a 1:48 Tamiya model. The paint jobs date to before I started with an airbrush.