Numidians for DBA

I’m making some progress on my 15mm Numidians. I bought these back when I was sure we were going to be playing DBA in 15mm. Now it looks like 28mm is all the rage in our local group. I’ll finish them anyway as I’ve started them. May as well. They’re a good looking little army I reckon.

So far it’s the foot and the elephant finished. The cavalry have been sprayed with their base coat, and I’m having trouble starting them. I’ll get there eventually…


Some More DBA

More DBA was played today at the Tin Soldier Penrith, during one of the local ‘historical’ meets. Other than our three games of DBA, there was a single game of Bolt Action going on. Of course the large number (relatively) of DBA gamers was enheartening to me, as I am rather keen on DBA.

It’s also good to see DBA represented both in 28mm and 15mm, though I do suspect that 28mm will attract more attention (and it has at our games so far). I do like 15mm’s portability, especially since I tend to bring a full set of terrain to each of my games and the 28mm stuff gets bulky… 28s, however, look AMAZING, and I love them a lot.

Some piccies below. I’ve also posted less cropped versions of these on our group’s Facebook page (somewhere over here). Thanks to everyone who attended.