Another Song of Blades…

Had another go at Song of Blades and Heroes tonight. As usual, a good game was had and we used a bunch of figures from various games to build forces. We’ll keep doing this until we have custom forces made up for the game as we don’t have anything else ready yet.

It was certainly good to give my new 36″ square folding board another run. Its turning out to be one if the best hobby decisions I’ve made in a while.



Dark Elves for Hordes of the Things

My first 28mm scale HoTT army in years, I guess it could be called a “HoTT-hammer” army though I haven’t created it with such things in mind…

This army is built primarily from GW Dark Elf plastic models. The Hero, Knights, Blades, Shooters, Spears and Warbands are by GW and were originally painted by a friend for a different game. The rest of the army was painted by me. The deformed mutant snail critters are by Scibor, the pet, the avatar of Fleshithulu and the fleshy obelisk thing are by Reaper. The sorceress is an old Heartbreaker miniature (who remembers those?). The stronghold of course is by GW.

The sorceress is a “Fleshomancer” who manipulates the bodies of others to build new hideous, deformed creatures to honour her daemonic patron, Fleshithulu.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…